Hashrate Rent

Ever wanted to start mining without big investment? Now you can! With our service you can now rent a different amount of Hashrate and start mining and earning. Its a best solution for people who don't have physical space to put big and loud machines to start mining. This way, you will order current amount of hashrate power from a miner, and we will connect it for you on the network. What now? We will take care of everything, earnings are all yours to collect each month.

Hashrate packs


Ever wanted to start mining without big investment? Now you can! Order hashrate and we will miner for you! Lets get started!

110 TH/s

Bronze Package
870 a month
  • GPU Rig
  • SHA-256 Algorithm
  • Pool: BTC
  • Instant Mining
  • Safe and Secure

440 TH/s

Silver Package
3350 a month
  • Bitmain S19 Pro
  • SHA-256 Algorithm‚Äč
  • Pool: ETH
  • Instant Start
  • Safe and Secure

1100 TH/s

Gold Package
8250 a month
  • 5x Bitmain S19a Pro
  • SHA-256 Algorithm
  • Pool: ETH
  • Instant Farming
  • Safe and Secure

What is Hashrate Rent and how does it work?

Hashrate rent is the easiest way to get you started with mining game. There is no big investment needed, nor you are going to need physical space for mining or unexpected rise of your electric bill. We will use our miners, our facility and take care of everything for you. After ordering one of the monthly packages, we will reserve miners power that is going to work until we hit the amount of Terahashes you've ordered. At the 1st day of the next month, you can collect your earnings!

How can I get ready?

Best thing is to get to understand how does mining work and specifically understand how our service "Hashrate Rent" works. You can find a lot of information on our blog page, where you can start as a beginner or as a expert looking to expend your knowledge. To find out more details on how does our service "hashrate rent" work, click on the button below. If you have additional questions or need more help, make sure to contact our support team that's going to get you started right away!

What is BitCoin mining?

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